Sunday, 1 January 2012



My Family. My friends. Having a secure job which I enjoy and pays me enough to support my family. Having a hobby that I pretty much adore.

But that is pretty standard and I would tell you that everyday Nyah-Nyah What I really want to celebrate on this day, on this blog and for this challenge is some shallow material things Winking smile

This is what my lovely family bought me for Christmas;


I am so pleased with it, it extends right up to my height and it’s mechanics are fab.

This is what my lovely, family have presented me with today. It is an early birthday present (it’s in a couple of weeks) as they knew I was doing this challenge (due to my constant jabbering about it) they gave it to me early.

Welcome iphone! 

I have lusted after an iphone since they launched and I am thrilled to bits and so very, very lucky. My Mum has been busy finding us finance-y deals, swapping suppliers and jiggling bills to squeeze some money out of our budget to afford the contract and I am so very, very thankful to her.

So I have some lovely shallow material things to celebrate today, but, I will be able to use it to more easily record my lovely family, friends and colleagues this year for the challenge and the project i’m doing to document the everyday based on Becky Higgins Project Life (but i’m doing my own thing and using my stash).

Here we go, thanks again to Suzie for setting this up and getting my ball rolling for this year’s projects.


  1. How fab of your family. Theres nothing wrong with celebrating these things. Hoping you get to grips with then quickly to help you with the challenge to come. Happy New year to you and your family x

  2. Fantastic! Great things to celebrate in my opinion - it's the little things (or not so little in the case if an iPhone :D) that keep us going from day to day! There is a long list of great apps on the 365+1 blog you might want to have a look at! Thanks for joining in x

  3. Lucky lady! Have fun with your phone and tripod.

  4. You are going to love your iphone and wonder how you ever managed without it:)