Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Poor Suzie! It has gone haywire this week, of all the words in the english language and they are repeating for her somehow!

I was at work all day apart from a trip to the dentist which was with a new dentist and instead of the usual psycho dentist that I enjoy doing battle with I had a really rather fab man that really looked after me. Not to mention hat he also built my poorly tooth back up which was great as I thought I might lose it.

The sunset was stunning outside the shop.


  1. Gorgeous sunrise. We haven't see one in ages, it's constantly grey in the morning. xx

  2. I like your choice of topic - Amazing!
    / In fact, this challenge is a bridge that connects us all.
    The construction of the 3 teeth that makes dentists, here called BRIDGE.
    I remembered this when I read this post. /