Monday, 12 November 2012


Great prompt for today in the end, I struggled all day with it though, but then I have struggled a bit all day with anything. I had to go back to bed and have a nap, that is very unusual and I could have slept again this afternoon. I then realised I was probably in withdrawal because I haven't had any diet coke. I am addicted to the stuff and I was thinking about how if I could save another couple of quid each day then we could have something extra at christmas. I don't think I should have gone as far as to have none though...

Louis and I went to se Michael Morpurgo's Farm Boy at the theatre tonight which was fab, fab, fab. I heartily recommend it. It is a follow on from War Horse which we saw at the cinema (although would have loved to have seen at the theatre), they explain the rest of Joey's life very well through another story.

 Louis was very dubious about me dragging him out but he loved it and declared it better than playing x-box! Anyway, being a disorganised sort of person when it comes to my kids (never have dinner money, or forget to give it in, no clue where their p.e. kit is, sort of disorganised), I forgot to take cash with us to the theatre and they didn't take a card at the refreshment stall so we couldn't get a drink :( We were glad to get back for a drink.

Rubbish photo of us in the theatre waiting.

Now, how many days can I go without my diet coke? I think I will just have to cut down :)


  1. Oh bless your withdrawl from coke!! I hate it so can live very happily without ever drinking it!!

  2. Glad you had such a nice evening with Louis.
    I don't drink coke, I hate anything bubbly (excepted my Bubbles) and I must be the only French person daring to compare champagne to fizzy head medicine, lol. But I drink Instant Coffee and although it's merely brown water, if I didn't have my 5 or mugs a day, I probably would be as pleasant as the Neanderthal man.

  3. My granddaughter is also addicted to coke her favourite one is the cherry coke. The withdrawal must be worth it if it means you have a good christmas but slowly, slowly.

  4. My one daughter used to go hyper on coke- whizzing round bumping off the ceiling. School didn't believe me that it had that effect on her and let her have a glass on a day out. She was so hyper when she got home I knew she'd had something! IT doesn't have the same effect anymore- so she does get to enjoy the occasional glass!