Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I think I will be nostalgic for evenings like this, chilled out after school together then all hanging out upstairs with tv, scrapping, crafting etc.

I have finished the bases of the advent trees, made some snowflake decorations, Ali has just found the jingle bells I am using and wants to have one as a necklace...ok I am back, he now has a jingle bell necklace. Saints preserve us.

Louis is having some chill time in bed.

Mum is making a scrapbook of all the events this year for her sister for Christmas.
It is going to be cracking, I cannot wait to look through it, she has scrapped all the jubilee stuff, the torch relay, the olympics and paralympics, the mars landing,  loads of stuff. She has also put in lots of family stuff as well as her sister turned 70, her aunt turned 90 and my cousin turned 50. We lost Richard my brother and my cousin's wife (whom I have known since I was a little girl) lost her dad to cancer this year as well. So lots going on. 

Ali, well he is watching Lego Ninjago stuff online as that is what he is dreaming of for Christmas.

He is doing this on the stairs, bizarre little thing.

Yes, I will be nostalgic for this, even this bit where I am blogging and they are supposed to be going to sleep next door and they are clearly not.

Off to berate them :)


  1. These half dark photos with light only on the children's face are absolutely gorgeous ! xxx

  2. Love that photo of Ali on the stairs! Your Mum's scrapbook sounds amazing, a real labour of love.

  3. Awwhh how lovely your Mum is into the crafting as well.. and those boys are 'edible'! xxx

  4. perfect evening and so nice that your mum does scrapping too. Great photos.

  5. Amazing post! This is ""homework" for Excellent!