Friday, 23 November 2012


Great word Suzie :)

Today has just gone on forever, I didn't sleep well last night, and it seems as though I took these photos days ago, not this morning. I have been on a late, late shift and now feel wide awake!

For 9am it was pretty gloomy.

Hillsborough. Otherwise known as Elephant Hill, can you see why? I hope so or you will think us mad here in the sticks! 


  1. Yes I can see the elephant lying in the water with his trunk outstretched :)
    Hope you have a more restful weekend, take care xx

  2. Great shots, Jen. I hope your hours will start being a bit more regular ! xxx

  3. Daniel and Evie enjoyed looking at elephant hill, its good isnt it. Shame about the gloomy day, hope you had a better nights sleep and feel better for it.

  4. I can see elephant hill. We are down your way next year so we'll have to go and look for it. Perhaps we can look for you as well.
    I do hope your hours settle down soon