Thursday, 1 November 2012

Tree & Next Year.

Hello, firstly my tree and then please do read on about next year.

Poor thing has had hail, sleet and rain today. It is getting very bedraggled. I was just saying to Viv on her blog that I like to see the shapes of the branches come out again though.

Next Year.
So we have all been thinking about next year and talking about what is going to happen. We know Suzie doesn't want to do the prompt a day again and I wouldn't be looking to join another one of those as I have found the last couple of months difficult to find anything original. So Kathi and I talked to Anne today about preliminary ideas and this is what we have come up with so far.
Now, I do not want to run it all, and I am guessing that no-one else does otherwise they would have said so. However if you have been thinking about it, that will be great, just let us know now please so we don't go on planning it :)
Having said that, I am happy to do the technical setting up and putting it all together as I would love to see us carry on as a group. Kathi and Anne have come up with some great ideas and with your ideas I am hoping that we can all come up with the plan together so that we all run it a bit, if that makes sense?

So the preliminary plan, which has just been some brainstorming, we didn't want to get any further than that before you all got involved with your ideas, likes and dislikes. We won't all want exactly the same things so there will be an element of compromise, but lets see if we can come up with something together.

So the proposal is that we have a weekly challenge, with an option to do more through the week if you like it that way and have time or energy for it.

Rather than it just being prompt based, we thought more along the lines of a theme for the week. We also wondered about having a couple of 'serials', I thought for example that Kathi hosting a nostalgia prompt once a month would be great, and she is happy to do that.

I also wondered whether you would like to choose a favourite view and once a month you take a photo of it so that you have a record through the year of the changes in that view.

If anyone has got an idea for a 'serial' of their own, Anne is thinking about one for example then we can have another serial, we then thought that the 4th week of each month could be for each of us to take a turn at thinking up a prompt/theme/challenge.

These weeks would then roll each month. For the 5 week months we would have an extra week of an individual's prompt/theme/challenge.

It is difficult to describe it sorry. It is clear in my head :) Anyway, please ask any questions, none of this is set in stone, it is just brainstorming. Other brainstorming thoughts are that any less than once a week and we may forget or it become too infrequent for us all to keep on getting to know each other. Please say any likes and dislikes about it, any ideas you have, add ons to any ideas. Also if you like it in principle and would be happy to do it would you want to do a prompt or theme? It could be as simple as thinking up a word, or indeed using one from this year.

We have started thinking up a name, but it would be great to get your input on it. So far we have Lucky Snapping In 2013. There is a blog and email adress available for that but please if you have any other ideas, lets hear them.

I am now thinking out loud, I haven't spoken to Kathi or Anne about this yet. What do you think about advertising it, my instinct is to leave it as us, i.e. we just let people know on Suzie's blog as I think the same might happen as this year we would have a lot of interest that would die away within a few days or weeks, leaving less time for us to get round to everyone. However, that is just my instinct, if the rest of you want to find some new people to swell the numbers we can do that too.

I was also thinking we could have a Calendar of Events so everyone knew what was coming up and how it all fits together.

So answers please to these questions and then add anything else you want.

Do you like the idea of a weekly challenge with an expansion to do more through the week.

Do you like the idea of two or three 'serials' ?

Would you be happy to think up a prompt/theme or challenge?

If so how many would you do over the year?

What do you think of the name, personally, I always think of Suzie's blog as Suzie's blog or photo a day, but if it does matter to you, can you think of anything else?

What do you think about advertising it?

Ok, that is enough for now :) We look forward to your thoughts :)


  1. Hi Jenny I seem the first to post on here!!
    I had thought to PM you tonight on UKS or find your email on your profile about my thoughts but guess if I write a bit here, others will read it. Perhaps we could chat on 365+1 thread on UKS, we have all posted there except Borqna and maybe she could join UKS?

    I have done a challenge every year since 2008. The 2 I most enjoyed where Shimelle's photos on 25th of each month and like the idea of the same day each week? and Anna Bowkis 365 daily prompt to journal with a photo ech day and then a LO each week, which was 52 LO's I did these 8x8!!
    I must say that this year blogging was easier and once you are in a routine it is easier too.

    I am happy to do a theme though don't think I will be coming up with anything new as the Anna Bowkis year had amazing ideas I would like to use again?

    so to conclude, let's chat on UKS rather than on our blogs?

  2. I like the name, Jen. I agree that many people will have big interest and then fade away quickly. Chatting on a UKS thread is a great idea (and yes Borqna could easily join) or we will spend our time in emailing all each other back and forth. I like this Anna Bowkis thing Lynne talked about, seems to combine photo and Craft. I will give it more thoughts this week-end. I am still stuck with my work xx
    Oh and I love your tree !

  3. just popped on to UKS. I am liking all the suggestions so far. Lovely tree too Jen.

  4. Yes, will look at UKS later or this evening , need to get registered as you suggested jen. Liking all that, and why not use previous good prompts as Lynne suggests, sometimes it is not always wrong to repeat or use a good idea for your own is it.. count me in!

  5. I am happy to join in with a new photo project next year. I have loved this one- but for some reason have struggled the last couple of months. I am still taking photos every day- but behind with blogging!

    I like the idea of repeating themes. One year I had 31 'themes' that I found something for each month. I cheated a bit with that sometimes- as some days fitted something better than others and I knew that I had that theme in a month. But I liked the framework. So I do like the suggestions you've made.

    I've joined the social group on UKS.

  6. Hello :) I am very pleased to see you all thinking up things for next year, and I would like to join in. I think having several people involved in the running of the challenge is a VERY good idea! It doesn't sound like a lot, but posting up a prompt every day can be a bit of a bore and quite disheartening when you see the numbers dwindling every day :D It was also very hard work when I felt a kind of obligation to comment on every photo that was posted (though I KNOW nobody expected this of me :)).

    Personally, I would prefer something away from UKS, but obviously I'm in the minority there!

    Will watch what develops with interest! :)