Sunday, 18 November 2012


It was playful today.

Louis had a new game to play so we only saw him for homework and feeding times.

Mum was scrapbooking.

Lauren was watching tv.

Ali was re-writing and re-writing his christmas list for the ten zillionth time.

I played as well cooking and baking and crafting.

I made a recipe box, for the meal lists when we are stuck and our favourite recipes that we use time and again.

We have a robin visiting our garden now and we couldn't be more pleased.


  1. sounds an ideal day for everyone. lovely pictures too- especially of the robin

  2. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful day. I love your recipe box- I must have a go at making one of those for the meals everyone will agree to eat!

    When I was young we always had a robin that appeared on my birthday in September. Whether we were looking out for him because he was a birthday mascot I don't know. But my mum still looks for a robin in September and they still get them. My robin would be a bit geriatric now though!

  3. Beautiful recipe box. Whenever you want to pop down again, I teach you how to knit : piece of cake ! xxx

  4. Great post! Very beautiful photos!
    I love this bag - the recipe box!