Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I had a really long arduous day today, into work at 1pm and then a long drive to South Devon to help out at Newton Abbott store again from 5pm - 1am. Then a 2 hour drive home in the rain and gales. It was horrid and to top it off I managed to get a poorly tummy. You know when you have trapped air and it pierces your tummy? Horrible. Anyway, I have a photo I took which is of their stash of choc tins in the warehouse that we took as a joke for my grocery manager. He has been asking me why he can't get enough stock to make a really impactful display in the shop and I had to say well Newton Abbott have them all!

He knows why really, we take 350k a week and they take £1m a week! But I still had fun showing him this today and seeing him in despair!


  1. You naughty girl, torturing somebody with chocs ! I hope you can take it a bit easier at work now, xxx

  2. Awesome!
    I have a suggestion -
    Day 1 - put them all on the counter.
    Day 2 - leaving only 30% / 70% other - back in the warehouse /
    Day 3 - leaving only 15 boxes / other - back in the warehouse /
    Day 4 - rearrange the locations of the stands
    day 5 - new charging
    This is repeated until the full sale
    / And a full messed up the staff and customers! / -
    tested in our country under the leadership of German management experts.
    This is no joke!