Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I love it when Anne visits Google for a definition, I don't often think about what the word of the day means, just what comes to mind. I always get something that I didn't know, like today she explains that it is alive, but not human. Thanks Anne :)

Anyway, I am sure that Ali is human, I spent long enough growing him :) However, I will use some photos of him at Halloween as I haven't taken any shots today.

He decided that he would do his costume, "can I wreck this old white tee shirt?" erm yes, I was getting excited to see what he would come up with. Then he had been in and pinched my red sharpie. He cut some holes in his tee shirt to represent a creature attacking him and then he decided to colour his tummy in so the blood showed through! I think he had been watching me make 'negative' layouts and understood the show through idea.

Little wierdo!


  1. lol, hope it washed off his tummy ok. He was very clever with the T shirt, looks great.

  2. Ah Ah Little Ali is too good !!! I can't see the sharpie red going away very quickly, though. Well you need to give it too him, that was the most sensible approach to simulate blood under a T-shirt full of holes ! xxx

  3. Ali seems to be a great actor!!Love it!!

  4. wow- bet bath time took a while! Love the photos- he looks so proud of his outfit and rightly so!

  5. I think 'my little creature' is a cute term of endearment xxx