Wednesday, 23 May 2012


My artificial eye...mwhahahaha.

I was so pleased to be done with my lenses this evening. I have dailies so I can throw them out immediately.

I was so upset when my sight suddenly and significantly failed when I was 16, I already had a brace on my teeth (I was too vain when I was 13 to have a brace then and then too vain to not have the brace later so I had one at 16 and made them take it off 2 days before I left for university), when I realised I was to have glasses as well......horrors :)

It wasn't cool at all then and so I immediately had lenses for my 17th birthday present which were painful and a faff. How many times I put them in after bleaching them without rinsing I do not know, suffice to say that the glasses would have looked better than my pink eyes!

When I was able to get dailies at an affordable price I never looked back. I don't wear them as often as I did as I like glasses now and they are easier. I do like to take them out slowly in front of the children to freak them out!


  1. Ah ah, love your post. Artifical eye !!!
    I wear glasses and I hate that but I can't read without (and hardly even with, lol). As I have progressive glass for far away too, I know they do lenses for that but they say it doesn't work so well. May be in a couple of years !xx

  2. You sound just like my JB, she is close to having her braces off and today was saying that in one day her prescription sunglasses have been worth the money! Lisa, the eldest had glasses at 10 and was so vain she was in lenses at 11 and never looked back.. glasses are so much more 'in' now though aren't thwey, except mine show my age.. old ladies reading glasses! xxx

  3. Oh me too! I didn't need glasses till I was 30 and it took me till I was 40 to pluck up courage to get lenses, wish I'd done it earlier.