Thursday, 31 May 2012


I only got the prompt this evening as I couldn’t get on anywhere at work or on my lunchtime walk to see what it was.

So I shall share my photos that I took and see if I can find a link Smile

On my walk were some lovely ducks swimming along the river.


I saw some pyracanthus growing wild.



I wondered how old I would be before my pyracanthus is this big.


Here is mine at home, just coming into flower. It looks all fuzzy from a distance.


Oh and it was a bargain at £18 six years ago. I have so enjoyed watching it grow and love the shape of the branches in winter, buds in spring, flowers in summer and berries in autumn.

There I knew I would get there!


  1. Good link! Everything is so green now.

  2. It does look beautiful. We have two lovely plants that we bought when we first got the house that I love watching through the year. The Rhodedendrum has flowered twice this year- and the camelia confused itself into flowering almost constantly.

  3. Glad you got the humour in my rant..liked your tiptoes! :-) Lovely plants and nice memories of growing them, we've been here 15 years and planted lots of trees which are quite big now.. how time passes x

  4. Gorgeous photos, Jen. If you PM me your cell phone number, I can text you the word every morning. xx

  5. lovely photos and well done on finding the bargain link :)