Wednesday, 30 May 2012


These are mine in my shop. I am in charge as my boss is on hols and I have been busy for the last week putting up bunting, dressing the shop for the jubilee, ordering stock, slightly wild-eyed, not enough and I'll wind the customers up, too much and i'm looking at the ethical and expensive thought of wasting stock next week. He's back tomorrow so hopefully all will be well and he can take over!


  1. That's a massive shop. I can understand you will be happy when your boss is back ! xx

  2. The responsibility!!!!!! It's a huge store!

    1. You nailed it Kim it is quite a big deal for me. I used to thrive on it, I do still thrive on it but I used to enjoy it, now I don't! I'm going to have 3 months part-time to re-energise and hopefully I will enjoy it more then. Thanks for the comment :)

  3. Hey Jen, you should be proud..and if you do the p/t hope it works in nicely with the boys summer hols... I can imagine the ups and downs of stock levels for all kinds of events, always a hard call...and festive stuff always looks sad on a reduced stand x