Monday, 21 May 2012


“You’re neither use nor ornament!” is what my Granny used to say when I was under her feet. I never really knew what it meant when I was little apart from scarper and find something to do. I tell you that for no reason other than it occurred to me as I typed the title Smile

The country’s most prized ornament at the moment, arguably, is the Olympic flame which is the ornament to all the many torches that the bearers are passing in such an ambitious relay.

It came to my town today. I was not there. I was at work. I had to walk from work and watch it with my colleagues for 1 minute as it passed. I enjoyed that. My family were at the Ilfracombe Olympics having fun and waiting for it to arrive and stay for 1 hour. I am not bothered. I am Fine about that. Really. 

My dear Mum took enough photos and footage that I could probably complete the rest of this years challenge without pressing snap again!

I have also recently started to link up a Shakespeare quote on my other blog on monday’s and today, when looking for a flame quote it just happened to mention ornament as well. Happy co-incidence.

Snapshot 1 (21-05-2012 22-35)

It was dreadful to have all those strapping Met Police officers (well the nice ladies are not strapping of course!) that are the Flame Security Team milling around.. I wanna be that flame, I want strapping met officers to make sure i’m secure Open-mouthed smile. Enough, g’night.


  1. Yes, funny this Olympic Flame. It was with KathyJo, then with you, it's scheduled to pass by here too. May be they do a 365 challenge round? Night ! xx

  2. I can't wait to see it- it's reaching Birmingham at some unearthly hour on a Sunday morning. I think we might be better driving over to my parents!It was in Birmingham

  3. The torch was in Birmingham (without the flame) a while back for photo calls with the general public.

    Lol at all the strapping police bodies!

  4. its coming to near us in june, the kids are allowed the afternoon off!

  5. Oh I remember that saying too..and hey, next time we fancy dress I'll let you know in time to come (some pics tonight.. stand by!) I love your stance on those police guys.. but be warned, as our mum's say 'they're getting younger', mind you young and strapping never went amiss! xx

  6. I think the torch is passing us in June as well. I thoroughly agree about the Strapping policemen but as Kathijoe says, especially in my case they're definitely getting younger.