Friday, 4 May 2012


See the contrast between my lovely smooth ring and my lovely wrinkled hand :)

I love my new ring, it really isn't appropriate for my gnarly old hands, but, I, Just, Dont, Care. lol.

Anne, I'm so sorry, I could not find a photo of Minty tonight. A) she is laid down and I cannot get a good one of her. B) I cannot track one down of her because they are all prior to this years organisation of the photos that we have discussed this week.

Tomorrow I will succeed. My own personal prompt :)


  1. Jen, your ring is indeed lovely but your hand isn't wrinkled.
    Don't worry about digging out a photo of Minty. You certainly will take a new one soon. xx

  2. I like it too.. and hey, somethings are about pleasing yourself.. as I say when I buy a random skirt.. until two years later when I retry it on and wonder how I EVER thought that looked okay!!!!

  3. lovely ring and hand

  4. Your ring looks lovely on your hand!