Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Sorry, Epic Fail as Thing One would say. I have no mojo for even a vague tenuous link Laughing out loud


Instead i’ll offer a competition. Who can come up with a tenuous link from Mrs Ladybird to Futuristic?


  1. the ladybird will eat all the aphids on the crops to give a better harvest, therefore future food for us to eat??!

  2. It's a set from James Cracknell's 2025 challenge.. dressed as a ladybird and abseiling down some huge cliff face .. not tenuos, just random! Sorry, it's late! xxx

  3. This a ladybird robot. Having an integrated video camera, she is guarding the entrance of the field against the aliens who swore revenge against humans who invaded Mars.
    Agree with KathiJo, it's late...
    Beautiful photo by the way !!!xx

  4. Arrgghhh there are Gremlins. My comment vanished ! It was about the robot ladybird guarding the field against the aliens wanting revenge because of humans attacking Mars.

  5. What's wrong with me? All my comments are back now??? Time to go to bed !!!

  6. Ok, so we have an alien robot ladybird that protects earth from invasion, their superheropower is extreme abseiling into the fields to protect the harvest.
    I LOVE IT, you all win :)