Tuesday, 22 May 2012


The dress I ordered to wear at the wedding did not fit when it turned up this afternoon grr.

I dashed into Barnstaple to see what I could do. Fortunately they had it in a larger size, although it is the shorter version double grr.

I was feeling quite hot and bothered after that so on the way home I stopped at one of my favourite spots in North Devon. This is the view from Fullabrook looking down towards the Taw & Torridge Estuary. There was a beautiful sea mist and scudding clouds. I sat there for a few minutes and it was restful.


Oh and Minty says goodnight, she has been in bed for about 2 hours!



  1. What a beautiful view- it must have calmed the day down. I would never tire of looking at it.

    We stayed around Barnstaple a couple of years ago in a lovely camp site- in torrential rain!!! We were in danger of being flooded out- but had a lovely time!!!

  2. I easily can imagine having a walk there with the girls. They would love it. So much space for them and such a beautiful view for me ! xx

  3. and.. relax.. always good to soak up the silence and the greenery.. x

  4. Definitely calming - lovely photos.

  5. Lovely photos, really restful.