Monday, 14 May 2012

Faceless Portrait.

I know I have blogged before about Ali’s pokey stick obsession so if it was here I apologise for repetition!

He has loved them since he was little and any would do.

At the moment this is the collection outside! There are two inside as well. One of them is Gandalf’s staff at the moment and has a foil jewel at the end. Gandalf would have no such truck with that, but there is no telling Ali.


That picture makes me go, that’s Ali.


  1. What a great picture. It's a good job Holly doesn't live next door though, cos she'd love that collection herself!!

  2. Well, I was going to say the same about Rhea. She also has her sticks collection and is always looking around to increase it. You can tell Ali they are terrific looking sticks !

  3. My Zac used to have sticks, for walking with Rob.. and when really young he used to collect the pushed out bit from packs of screws and things at B&Q, where they get threaded onto the hangers.. he would scrabble around under the shelves..'there's loads in here Dad!'... boys eh.. xxx

  4. great faceless portrait! :)