Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Portrait of a Stranger.

I failed today ladies Sad smile
I was running, jogging,shambling along this morning on the tarka trail and there were the odd people coming along the track towards me on bikes, walking, running (one marine with his bivouac and kitchen sink on his back), jogging etc but my spacky breathing and co-ordination combined with holding Minty’s lead and my water bottle meant that getting the phone out of it’s position (tucked in my bra as I have been too disorganised to buy a proper thingy for it) would have meant certain crashing to the ground or freaking out the poor folk that were out trying to exercise, relax etc.
I totally forgot on the school run, most of the mums are a bit of a stranger to me as most of them are as mad as a box of snakes and avoid them at all costs but as I forgot I didn’t use that opportunity.
So i’ll share the strangest thing that happened last night, both boys asleep in the same bed before 9:45pm!
I have doctored the photo using a great new app that Sian linked up in her blog post yesterday, Halftone.
The kids adore this app, I think we will use it a lot Smile


  1. It does look great fun! I must look for that. I've loved finding some of the editing sites people use.

  2. I love the idea of you running with water bottle and Minty lead and your phone sliding away in your bra, lol. Under these circumstances you certainly are forgiven for not picturing a stranger ! Your photo of the boys is absolutely great.
    Just bought that app. Brilliant ! xx

  3. oh thats great, lol at your phone in your bra...the app for the photo is great too.

  4. Lol!! I'll let you off :D Great pic of the boys! I might have to get that app!

  5. Ahh jennie, i always tell my Kate off for wearing her phone in her bra, but I'll let you off, esp with all the other stuff you were carrying.... like the app.. x

  6. Love the app. Great photo.