Saturday, 4 August 2012


Well we certainly had anger here. Louis and Ali descended from unpleasant to rude and angry over dinner, I was seething with anger at their behaviour but I kept it calm as a cucumber outside. I banned them from any electronic entertainment for the remainder of the evening which drove Ali mad, he was so angry. Louis chilled out quickly, apologising and back to his sunshiny nature but Ali was in grudge match mode and it was an hour or so before he was back for a snuggle. Anyway we watched Michael Phelps complete that amazing medal tally of 18 golds with the men’s relay, then Jess Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farah complete Super Saturday in spectacular fashion in the stadium, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Louis was leaping up and down screaming for Mo to get there, even Lauren was shouting and she has paid no attention to it.
So although the marathon is on, Ali has begged to go swimming and well, it would be silly not to when this is what it is all about.
Mum decided that she really wanted to see London in it’s Olympic glory so we have added a night to our hotel booking and Mum is going to take the train home(no-one to see to the dogs), so we are off to London town bright and early on tuesday morning to see if we can get a spot in Hyde Park to watch the men’s Triathlon, maybe catch a glimpse of the Brownlee Brothers.
Then we’ll dawdle down to the river and see the rings at Tower Bridge. Yippee.
I didn’t take any photos of Ali so here are ones from a visit to the seafront. Louis went fishing for the day with his friends again, they were out from 10:30 until 6 in the rain showers thunder and lightning, they loved it. This was the sky when I collected them.
As you can see the light was changing quickly and the double rainbow was out for about 20 minutes.
I think maybe the thunder and lightning didn’t help their mood.


  1. oh dear what a time you all had, pleased the mood didnt last too long. Sounds like a great trip to london planned.

  2. We will have a little bit of that going on over the summer, I'm sure!

    Your trip to London sounds wonderful- we were really tight on time when we went to the Olympics and I would have loved to see Tower Bridge. We should really have tried to book somewhere overnight to have a bit more time to absorb all the wonder!

  3. Hope you enjoy your trip to London, xxx

  4. I read this late last night so forgot to comment then.. glad the clouds passed over(!) and have a great time on your visit..guessing the boys are going too? and Lauren?.. what a posse, I can see you smiling from here? xx