Tuesday, 7 August 2012


I hope that this queue goes quickly and the ride is worth it.
It did, about 30 minutes which went quickly as the kids were in a good mood and we had a giggle. The ride-Dragon’s Fury-was totally worth it, watching Ali’s face go from sheer terror to pure joy is a highlight of the holiday for me so far!
I hope we didn’t break the log flume ride Dragon Falls, it certainly closed for a while very shortly after we got off!
I hope that we have as good a day today as we did yesterday.
I hope that you understood all the tenses I just used in this post!


  1. Fantastic Jen, the kids must be so happy. Not long to wait before we meet !!!!! Doing sunshine prayers everyday, lol. xxx

  2. Glad that not only was the que quick but that the kids were in a good mood and yo all had fun.

  3. What a hero Mom you are :-) :-) :-)