Friday, 3 August 2012


Loads of it today.

I went in to the boys room to gut it, I last did it in May so I was a bit apprehensive, but I got myself ready, you know just psyching myself up Olympic styleee with a bit of positive talking, some industrial strength goggles and masks, some bleach and a stick to ward off evil spirits, you know the sort of thing if you have ever had a boy, let alone two in one small room.

Well apart from it being hotter than Hades it was pretty joyful, it wasn’t tooooo bad and Louis was really into it. Ali had to be sent away to help Lauren in the lounge do a general tidy but Louis was a star. He used to enjoy chores when he was little and was a game, but the past few years has been a moan fest. Anyway, when we started talking about how we could move it slightly (it really is tiny) to make it easier for him. In fact at one point when I had stopped to watch Kath Grainger ‘finally’ get her Gold (her words not mine, 3 silvers is a brilliant feat, the fact she got gold after that is anything but finally, extraordinary really), he appeared and got the rubber gloves from me and went on in there to wash the woodwork down Smile


See, it’s wee!

This was it about half way through, if I showed you behind me you would know why.

This also made me joyful.


The whole orange isn’t in there, just for the record.

And this to finish it off.


Go Jess Fingers crossed


  1. What a star Louis was today. I need to do Em's room again when we get back - when all thr holiday washing is done.

  2. Nice boys you have, Jen. You can be proud !

  3. I had boys and know all about moulds growing in mugs and glasses!!
    What a star Louis was and I agree with what Anne says above xxx

  4. great photo with the orange. Well done on the bedroom and seeing the olympics at the same time.

  5. Good start to your holiday..don't over do the chores and enjoy the off time too.. x

  6. I agree, you do have nice boys.
    Jess DID IT didn't she?