Friday, 24 August 2012


School uniform buying day. Gah.
Wierdly after a lot of banter between Louis and I. He wants cool shoes, I want (and the school want) him to have sensible shoes.
We were in M&S choosing trousers and as we found a couple of pairs in his size (lots of happy dancing as he is stocky and short!) he turned around and said ‘I like those shoes’….I nearly fainted, shoved them on his feet and we declared ourselves both happy!
The story took a funny turn as I made him try the trousers, he didn’t want to, I made him come out of the changing room to show me so I could check. We were both happy, he went back into the changing room to change back and some man had taken his changing room! We had to wait for him to come out Open-mouthed smile
Anyway here are the innocuous items that caused such a drama before they were found and such happiness after!
Another Back To School Job done!


  1. School shoe shopping.. never a good memeory so you are lucky! x

  2. I am happy the girls don't need a school uniform !!!

  3. great compromise on the shoes