Monday, 27 August 2012

Free Choice: Layout

I have been AWOL i’m afraid as I had the following issues:

Louis’ 12th Birthday and sleepover; Lost purse; Family BBQ; Cleaning; Broken Laptop Sad smile; busy time.

So apologies, it has been a great but worrying weekend.

Today I spent a peaceful couple of hours making layouts and it really helped me chill out.

IMG_5795 (500x474)

Here is one of them of Louis after Rameses Revenge at Chessington!

A photo of family at the BBQ yesterday.


Just a few of us. There were 30 of us altogether!


  1. pleased to see you back :)
    well done on finding some time for scrapping, its a lovely layout. Looks like good weather for a BBQ too.

  2. Ahhh, you DID get family pics too! Well done.. and it looks lovely.. we missed you.. xxx

  3. Can it be so many things happened to you in a week ?
    Glad you are back with us now. That's a lovely BBQ photo. When we go down to Marseille, we whole family gathers and we are also an impressive number of very young and much less young people. I hope you managed to repair your laptop !

  4. Hey .. time is passing.. are you still hoping to venture down this far before school starts back? If not it is lovely for a quick weekend dash when the weather is kind, on the spur of the moment.. but it's like that with you too I know and sometimes it is just easier to stay close! Xx Would love to see you if you do get this way.. lunch or more.. x