Wednesday, 22 August 2012


We drove to Portsmouth today to collect Louis from his Dad.

We decided to go to Southsea Castle area to let Ali burn off some energy, have our picnic and wallow in nostalgia of my happy times I spent in Portsmouth. It was awful at the end, hence leaving, and i’m not a bit sorry I did but I did have many happy years there too.

After we had our picnic and a thousand cuddles with Louis, we went into the fun pools and the boys and I had a splashy couple of hours, before we headed back.

So here are my stars, Louis and the amazing Southsea Seafront with a very turquoise coloured Solent today.



  1. aww what a star and the cuddles are the best :) love the photos

  2. Yes, it was such a beautiful day today. Glad you had some fun, xxx

  3. Awhhh, I bet you feel complete now...x

  4. lovely photos looks like you had a great day.