Friday, 31 August 2012

Through a window.

Paintballing today. Louis couldn't have his treat on his birthday so we had it today. 4 x 12 year olds in a small car with me? Noisy. They seem to all say a statement and then not respond to each other and so they just repeat it until they are so loud I could no longer think clearly 📢
Anyway, they had a great time, they are fed and watered and are now watching movies in the lounge and I am upstairs with a cold compress :D
So through his window…..
IMG 5822
IMG 5824
IMG 5827
…in his safety goggles, he didn't see at least one paintball coming as he has quite a bruise and lump on his arm :D


  1. What a lovely birthday present, Jen. It must have been so much fun ! xxx

  2. They will have all enjoyed that birthday, hope the cold compress works....I would have opted for a bottle of wine, maybe you will do both :) Hope you all get some sleep tonight.

  3. What a lovely idea for a birthday present. I bet they'll remember it for a long time.

  4. Oh you mustn't tell him.. we have a (overgrown) paintball area dow n in one of our fields..Zac is a big fan and made it, shame it doesn't get used so much now..have a look at these posts.. ... xxx

  5. Fantastic birthday pressie and well worth the noise I am sure xxx