Thursday, 23 August 2012


Well a crocodile sashaying down the high street is fairly irregular…..


Carnival time in case you were in any doubt..


It wasn’t too bad this year and Ali and I had a nice walk down to the harbour after to walk past the carnival on our way home as it wends it’s way to the end.

I can tell you that the drunkenness of the rugby club men had gotten so much worse by the time we saw them a second time. And the Lion from The Wizard of Oz, played admirably by a toddler was still running everywhere with the rest of the cast chasing him.

A lot of Olympic/Jubilee themed floats and acts, but this one was just fab, lots of work and cleverness I think to represent the Opening Ceremony.


Full of admiration for the little fella with the cloud above his head, he was still going well at the harbour!


We scooted down Fore Street top avoid the crowds on the way down to the harbour, you can see Ali’s flourescent windmill in his right hand.


A lovely evening.


  1. What a lovely place where you live ! I think our carnival should be this week-end but it's a very very very small one compared to yours ! Glad you had such a nice time.
    Yes the mood is up again here, lol. xxx

  2. I adore that last shot.. you should print it in A4 and scrap it.. not that it needs any embellishment xxx

  3. Lovely time and very irregular to see a crocoldile like that....but all makes sense for a carnival. Love the look of Fore street, the balconys on the house look lovely and the steps to the right....perfect for the photo summer scavenger hunt :)

  4. I love the atmosphere of carnivals. Agree with Kathi that last shot is perfect.

  5. great pictures. I love carnivals.