Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I had a strange journey today. I drove for an hour and a half to Honiton through torrential rain and flash flooding for 10 miles between Cullompton and Honiton was dreadful, a couple of places, I was a bit worried about the poor car! I went to Honiton to sit my licensing exam to be a premises licence holder. The Tesco examiner for the south west works as a manager in Honiton hence the trek. Well it took 10 minutes as it was 40 multiple choice questions Open-mouthed smile

Really what a palaver for that! Fortunately the flash flooding had passed by the time I drove back and was just ordinary tipping down rain!

I pulled over and took a photo at the top of the hill as the clouds were luminous. I don’t know whether it was because of the cloud overhead being so dark that they looked so pure white but they were shining.


Not a very good photo of it but I include it as it will remind me of it.


I did take these as I was driving, which is naughty, but I was going very slowly and there was no other cars.

So that is my slow, driving speed through flood water!

Now that has all gone, look at the view of the sky from my desk is now.


It is a good job I like most types of weather. However, it wasn’t even remotely as bad as those poor folk in Louisiana have it at the moment, so i’ll stop complaining.


  1. WE had that terrible rain today as well, not much blue sky though.

  2. Well done on the flood photos. It was pouring down here today. Glad you made it safe back home and to a nice blue sky !

  3. argh, just lost my post....second time lucky :) looks like a similar day to us, rain all day then the sun comes out in the evening. Those roads look very muddy and wet, well done on the exam too.

  4. Great take on slow. Do you know how you did in the test or do you have to wait for the results?

  5. Good to know you are back.. we could maybe meet up at Eden, I don't skate but some of my crew do so I would play taxi driver and we could coffee or hot choc.. xx