Monday, 17 September 2012

At Ground Level.

Quick walk with the dogs after work, so I took some shots from ground level.

IMG 2067

Fudge is coming :D

IMG 2063

Minty has a pine cone she was chasing in her mouth :D


Thank you for setting me straight about how many days left, a few more than I thought! Good!

I didn't get it wrong, which believe me I did check, it was Louis doing his homework. He finished it off about 10pm as he got bored of the colouring in. I did help a bit, as he had worked hard and, well, colouring in is a no brainer for me :D

IMG 2059

His teacher was happy so that is good. We are on french weather today and tomorrow. He cannot get the difference between il neige and il y a nuages. In fact, Anne will have to check they are right anyway as I cannot really remember lol.

Anyhoo, Ali has done homework this evening and here he is.

He has doing words as spellings and use them in a sentence.

IMG 2071

The Moshi Monster helping him this evening is called Scamp, says it all really!


  1. Don't you just hate homework! It's just not something that fits into family time is it.. x Great pictures especially for the prompt.. x

  2. Jen, I just love the photos with your doggies, they are excellent. As of French weather, easy : Il neige : it snows. Il y a des nuages : There are clouds. In the same way as in English you can have snow clouds or rain clouds. Any trouble, just email me. xxx

  3. the ground level photos are great, so is the one of ali to :) and I like scamp helping, lol

  4. Great ground level photos.
    Bless them all doing homework, I hated those days when every evening was homework after a hard day at school!

  5. Totally agree with Lynne!
    Great pictures!
    I still would say every evening - Who are my homeworks and what are his.
    Because the children think that we adults do not have homework!