Monday, 3 September 2012


Well I guess I was in a shopping place as I work there but no photos from there today!

All my photos today fit the prompt and you will be glad to know that they aren't too tenuous. I have also been conscious the last couple of days that I have been finding the challenge, well, a challenge over the last month. I don't know if it is because I was away or busy or the change in routine, probably all of it. The change in routine of being at work so much less has been brilliant, but it is an adjustment. Anyway, today I was more curious to take some photos and didn't worry about the prompt too much.

I woke at 05:37 which was a bit early even for me! I went to the loo and noticed a bright light through the window. I opened it and it was the moon through the fog. So I went back to my bedroom to get the phone and climbed up on the sill to get the phone out of the window to take a shot :D Hopefully no-one else saw that bit of madness.

IMG 1999

On the way to work, even though I was a bit late I stopped to take photos of the fog bank in the combe of the valley.

IMG 2004

IMG 2005

And the lovely sky.

This evening I went for a run, poor tarmac must have felt me coming for a mile :)

IMG 2008

and this was the sky this evening, uncanny similarity.

IMG 2012

Gosh it was lovely and peaceful. 

The evidence of the running and tarmac-bashing.

IMG 2010

The outward run, it has been so long since my last run that the app has updated and I haven't used it before and instead of pausing it half-way I stopped it. So I had to restart it for the way back!

IMG 2009

As you can see I only managed to match my best speed in a few places lol. Never mind I have been and done it!

Oh and a last shot of my newest favourite app Living Earth HD. Isn't it gorgeous?

IMG 2006

I love watching the light come round and go again, very soothing. Goodnight x


  1. Gorgeous photos Jen and I love your new app !xxx

  2. great photos and well done on the run.

  3. I totally agree - great photos and well done on the run!
    BRAVO, Jennie!
    The first picture is stunning - blue is charming and the wires like a giant spider!
    /Am I crazy?/