Thursday, 13 September 2012


No nails today. It was a glorious day here. This was a snap I took on the school run, this is just outside Ali's school.

IMG 2041

It was taken on instagram.

Here is a shot from the top of the town looking over towards Exmoor and the sea.

IMG 2043

The funeral service was beautiful and my friend did so well, she had to be held up a bit but by the time we got to the 'wake' she was smiling and talking again. She has a long dark road ahead of her, but she will make it for their daughter.

It has churned up so many things for me today, so came to bed at 5pm! Just sitting and watching some documentaries now before sleep. Ali and Minty are keeping me company, Louis is playing on the xbox and Lauren has gone to the fair. She has been very upset this week too. Mum has gone to bed too, she has watched Ian grow up along with us all. Life is just rubbish sometimes. Hug your loved ones tight.




  1. I know Jen, I know... and when people treat each other badly or get stressed for not much you wish you could remind them of these moments don't you.. you are a great Mum, hug yours too,xx

  2. Beautiful photos from a very difficult day. Take care x

  3. Your pictures are beautiful Jen.
    Life is very unfair sometimes, yes. One of my friends sister is in her early forties, she had breast cancer 10 years ago and survived it but it came back. It has now spread everywhere, her lungs, her brain and it's not a question of if but when, if you know what I mean. She has an adorable 7 years old daughter and a a lovely husband. It is so hard.
    I cyber hug you. xxx

  4. This something that does not kill you this thing makes you stronger. We become ever more powerful!
    Take care.
    /Beautiful photos/

  5. (((Hugs))) Jenni for yesterday, life can be a bummer at times, take care xxxx