Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Look at these three. Minty on the pillow, Ali propped up with Mum's iPad and Fudge, all laid out. Mum called me in to get a photo of them all relaxing.


IMG 5784

It wasn't in focus I know notice!

Ali's hair, he looked at me as if I was mad.

IMG 5786

Goodnight xx


  1. Love the photo of the three of them. It captures the moment perfectly.

  2. they are all having a lovely relaxing moment! he must be enjoying something on the ipad :)

  3. Excellent! /Threesome at dawn ../
    This is a cool picture! Becomes a greeting card that you can send to your relatives.
    Gorgeous hair!

  4. What a lovely photo Jenni even if not totally focussed, that often happens to me!

  5. These are the best photos, Jen when nobody is looking. It is then so natural and the red of Ali's PJs makes it so great ! xxx