Monday, 24 September 2012

Favourite Colours.

Well fortunately Ali's cake had some of my favourite colours, pastels.

He has had a brilliant day and we are snuggled in bed watching a movie, well of course I am blogging quickly!

The cake didn't quite get it's topper so I improvised.

IMG 5844

I was going to do hills around the base but I didn't like it in the end so that bit was a disaster!

IMG 5847

I was joking to my friends on UKS that the embellies look a bit like nesties :D

IMG 5852

You can just see inside that some of the fudge didn't fully bake. Well Mary Berry might not improve and it might not look great but it tasted good with a squiggly fudge bit :D

Lots of lessons learned and I can't wait to try the next one!

IMG 2161

The birthday boy himself. He has borrowed a book called Egyptology from the school library. Well he had used his imagination to interpret all the pics and he loves it. I was surprised to learn that The pillars at Karnak were magic and that images of the gods are pics of the werewolf egyptians :) I think we will have to go back and read it together!

We had a nice time chilling out playing new Moshi games.

IMG 2162

And yes, that is Fudge in the background with The Birthday Hat on! 



  1. Happy Birthday Ali !!!! Jen, your cake was absolutely gorgeous ! Sophie offered me the same birthday hat.xxxx

  2. Fantastic cake and Happy Birthday Ali. What a lovely day you have both had.

  3. Happy Birthday Ali. You cake looks really yummy and it looks like you had a great day.

  4. PS I think Alis Eygyptians sound very interesting.

  5. Aw how lovely, happy birthday. Love kids birthdays.

  6. Your cake looks magnificent Jen, including the squidgy bits mmmmm

    Love that Fudge is in the background complete with hat:)

    Happy 8th Birthday Ali.

  7. Great dog names by the way! and wow what a cake, just what a 8 year old moshy fan ordered. And chewy bits are a pre-requisite aren't they xxx

  8. An ab fab cake Jen :) Well done you - you've done a brilliant job with your nestie cake :)

  9. Fab cake, Jen and fab birthday boy. :o)
    Sue xx

  10. Loved the cake and Ali looks so cool and so like my Zac (DGS) who seem to both be into the same things too!!

  11. Happy Birthday Ali !
    Fab cake, Jen and fab birthday boy!!!
    Looks like September is our month
    / we of the challenge /