Friday, 28 September 2012


Hello, hello, so sorry to be away, life has sucked the energy and time from me and I haven't even got online for a day or two properly (unheard of!!!!). I checked on Anne's blog just to check she was ok, but that has been it. Lauren has some kind of prickly heat on her back (and time of the month) and has been like a bear with a sore head. Louis has been vomiting and Ali has a bad cold and started vomiting yesterday as well. So as well as working 10 hour days, I have had about 4 hours sleep and not all in one go!!!

I stopped for just one minute on the way home this evening to get some fresh air and a photo and so here it is.

I have grand plans to catch up but if not then I have jumped back in.


  1. Ahh Jen, life is tough sometimes ! I hope you can have a bit of a relaxing week-end and nobody will be too sick. As soon as we came back from Marseille we were both sneezing here and almost got a cold too !
    We really need to catch up on LSNED, it's not good for the mind to drop something. I will be doing it this week-end too and if I can't do all at least I want to have a couple done. Will be thinking of you. xxx

  2. Jenni (((hugs))) glad you popped in rather than popped out!!IYKWIM xxxx
    Hope over the weekend the sick ones get better and you stay healthy xxx

  3. nice to have you back, hope you all feel better soon.

  4. Hope you all feel better soon!
    Your photo shows - Nature is in synchronization with your feelings.
    Have you seen the "Terminator I"-at the end of the film, the view and the road ahead of the car of Sarah Connor are the same!

  5. I love your view, so brooding. It is lovely to see you back especially as you've all had such a bad time. Roland gets prickly at the first sign of the sun unless he wears factor 40 sun cream so We can understand how bad it is. Hugs to you all.