Saturday, 29 September 2012


Easy one for me today, I bought my boys a onesie each. Now I would never have imagined in a pink fit that a twelve year old boy would desire a onesie but he did, it is a trend and I love it. It made his little bruv want one, and to be honest we all want one, except I think we may never leave the house, once we get into them!

If you have followed my photo blog since day 1 then you may know that I often refer to my boys with nicknames; Herberts, poppets, muppets…..and my favourite. Thing One and Thing Two. If you have ever read Dr Seuss then you may know of Thing One and Thing Two. I am a Johnny-come-lately to Dr Seuss. I didn't have him and Louis didn't have him, but I found him by the time I had Ali and so Louis and Lauren have absorbed some of him too.

What caught me in? The Grinch's puzzler speech, which still makes me tear up and no doubt I will be sharing that with you in December. But I love The Cat In The Hat, pure genius nonsense with a superb moral tale. The film is awesome, Helen, if you haven't got there yet, then please go there!

The man is a stone-cold genius.

In The Cat In The Hat, there are two naughty things, Thing One and Thing Two and I invariably call the boys that. 

Here is Thing Two in the by now, in our family, infamous onesie.

IMG 2088

Poor Thing Two, he has had to fight me off daily from just nibbling him away. 


  1. Onesies are fantastic. I had one when I lived in Germany, it's cuddly and warm. Might not be the sexiest thing on the planet, but I loved it.
    Thing 2 looks really cute and thank you for the history, I didn't know where it came from ! xxx

  2. Yes Jen, Evie loves the cat in the hat- she liked to watch the ones on CITV and she learnt quite a lot from them too. Love the onesie, lol....who would have thought they would be 'in' :)

  3. Never seen these onesies before on older children or adult!!

    Sadly I could never get into Dr Seuss with my boys :(

  4. I loved the picture, don't understand the text - I apologize.