Thursday, 6 September 2012


Blue is the colour of Challenger, Ali's new House in his new school, he has moved from the Infants into the Junior School. He has moved up literally (it is further up the school hill) and metaphorically (he has blimmin aged to a big junior school-boy, in fact they all seemed to have grown this summer).

Blue is also the colour of their hoodies.

IMG 5800

I have lifted/stolen the idea from Rachel Elliott's genius scrapbooking and photographing to use AC Thickers stuck to the kids fingers to demonstrate their age and adapted it to their year group age.


  1. love using the thickers. Mine go to primary so no big transition going from infants to junior. Great photo of him.

  2. What a gorgeous idea and Ali is going to do so well with girls. He is just irresistible !! xxx

  3. Great photo of Ali. I love the letters idea.

  4. That's such a great idea, would be good to do one each year and see how they morph into teenagers.. !!

  5. Great photo of Ali./Great freckles!/
    Love using the thickers.