Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Negative Space.

I like the prompt today :)
Thinking of Anne today.
I started making the Pork & Apple Casserole for dinner when I realised I was an ingredient or two missing! I toddled off down to the town to get them and I was struck by this view on the way home. I took it on Instagram and I was also struck by the speed that it knew the name of the road before I could even remember lol.
IMG 2079
I'll go for the road being the negative space.


  1. What a lovely photo- and I wish I was coming for tea!

  2. Beautiful, Jen and thank you for your support. xxx

  3. The balance of sky and street is just lovely xx

  4. Unbelievable! Such a fairy place!
    I think one of the meetings 365+1 should be right here!
    Just on the topic - turn left and right.

  5. Where do you live Jennie? looks a lovely small town? Great photo for negative space x

  6. What a lovely town you live in.