Sunday, 16 September 2012


Leaves of paper?

Sunday afternoon homework, not something any of us relishes to be honest. Louis is one of the poor souls that have many qualities, but academia is not one of them. Everything is an effort and he is easily distracted, which go together brilliantly :)
Anyway, here he is, actually engaged for half an hour. He was designing a poster to describe Reggae, which was an opportunity to put One Love on and us all have a head nod.
IMG 2058
I just saw on Lynne's blog that it is 300 days, crikey, we're not too far off!


  1. aww poor Ali with homework, luckily ours dont get homework, just reading books. Daniel also plays the guitar so needs to practice but not offical homework. Hope he had something nice to do after. This year is going far too fast!!

  2. What a wonderful photo. I recently found one of Emma's homeschool books from primary school- and we went through a spell where I couldn't get Emma to do homework at all. Then we managed to catch up a whole lot and sent it all in at the same time!

  3. No. it's actually 260 days, think Lynne did that 258, 259, miss a few 300 like the kids used to say! So we have 100 left before will be great to share all our Advent happenings won't it.. oh and I think Sundays have always felt kind of grim and it dates back to being made to go to Sunday School in not the parish I lived in, and homework to do.. two least favourite pastimes ever! xx

  4. Sometimes I look at homework with nostalgia but each age has it burden, hasn't it ? But the photo is of Ali, isn't it ? I don't recognize Louis in it.
    Yes KathiJo we have a bit more than 100 days to go. First when I read 300 days gone, I thought I somehow overslept, lol. xxx