Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Well it’s not really most of the time, miserable, unrelenting, cool, boring, unseasonable but it hasn’t really been cold here.

I continue with my wierd week of trying to fit everything in without Mum’s help, although she was a little star and spent her energy to put the bolognese sauce together. I came out of work to drive to Ilf and pick Ali up from school and drop him home it was sooo hot at that point and I was totally hot and bothered by the time I got back to work. We then had an interview to do from someone that is wanting to transfer from London and he didn’t arrive until 6pm which is when I hoped to leave so again another late finish Sad smile

Anyway, as I was walking through finally I remembered the prompt so I snapped a truly cold thing, the ice packs in our freezers.



It was definitely cold in there.


  1. Great photo! I hope your holiday rolls round quickly for you.

  2. I know what you mean.. it's what I call 'shrimmy' down here.. windy and kind of damp in the air and unseasonably cool, a bit like March.. but it's July!! And how come we are almost always posting at the same time! xx

  3. Well done Jen to still have got a shot for today despite the millions of things you have to do. xxx

  4. well done on getting the cold photo, hope you manage to finish earlier tonight.

  5. I see you've had a busy day. Great idea for the prompt