Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Thank you for the kind comments, I did indeed sleep well and felt refreshed this morning.

It has been a strange day and before I share, I shall think on it all.

So for tonight here is my photo of something that cheered me up before the day really got going.

My lily that is now 12 years old, I know exactly how old, as I bought it to sit on the very small ledge I had outside my flat when I was expecting Louis who will be 12 next month. I so enjoyed watching it grow. My very first plant.

Well it has been split and fed and although it is much weedier than it was it has kept going. And it is so beautiful on it’s first days. As it has been so wet I am not sure which day it opened, but never mind, it is here now.


Growing in the dirt.


The view from the kitchen window is so pretty if a bit bedraggled. Mum has done well.


The sparrows in the window feeder. Mum says there was 9 of them at one point and although the fledglings were feeding themselves Dad was also feeding them still, she is quite smitten I think, there is talk of a better nesting box Smile

Goodnight xx


  1. Beautiful flower, love the plants that grow from the dirt.

  2. the lilly is lovely and how nice to watch it grow along side louis

  3. What a lovely lily and the garden is beautiful

  4. That's a beautiful story Jen, I love it. xxx

  5. Gorgeous flower and lovely when they survive, perhaps unexpectedly..(!) .. like my orchids!

  6. Lovely lily something I cannot grow we get beetle when I try :( Amazing what grows in dirt isn't it!!

  7. Wonderful post, very accurate comments.
    What do I write? -
    I love everything - amazing flowers!