Friday, 27 July 2012


As you might remember, I was lucky enough to attend the dress rehearsal on monday.
Here is my photo of the fire starting with the chimneys rising. My heart was literally in my mouth. So amazing to see them rising up like that. The lady next to me and I were clutching each other’s sleeves at several points, pointing aspects out that was happening all around the stadium. We were both in tears at the end of this sequence, there were 1000 drummers, about 100 of which were stood right in front of us facing us as the rings came together repeating the same amazing beat. On the tv they had a soundtrack over it which muted the effect, but I hope you can imagine the vibration that sent through the stadium. Hair on end moments.
As I am doing this late, I know that the next prompt is rings, so I will pick this up in that post Open-mouthed smile


  1. what a scene, you must have had a fabulous time :)

  2. So beautiful Jen. Great you could be there !

  3. Fantastic.. and to be there!! Lucky you! and us for seeing your photos.. xx