Sunday, 1 July 2012


Suzie, on a Sunday! Any other day for me Open-mouthed smile

I was a little bit grumpy that after staying up late, Mum left her alarm clock on for 7am and then she couldn’t find it so it penetrated through to my little brain and woke me up!

The boys and I had a great swim, Ali’s little face as he found an even better way to bob along, well I wish I had a camera in my eyes, well yes I suppose that is my brain again.

Then I caught up with project life, a little nap, a quick bob into work to do a couple of things and now home to watch tv whilst persuading boys to go to bed.

So no grumpy here really.


Great focus skills Jen.


A North Devon pasty that Mum made whilst I was at work, yummy.

I have taken a lot of photos today but all of project life and scrapping Smile


  1. Nice to see some happy, not grumpy, faces.

  2. Lovely photos. I can't imagine your boys being grumpy anyway, they look so sweet ! xxx

  3. How is a North Devon pasty different form a Cornish pasty? Looks yummy any way.

  4. its good not to be grumpy, sounds like a fun filled day....apart from the alarm clock :)

  5. lol- my daughter always leaves her alarm clock on and is the only one who can sleep through it.

    I went with Happy photos today- as we had a lovely happy day!

  6. I am doing project life but decided not online!

    Peter has an alarm that goes off every night at midnight LOL! cWe don't know how to stop it except to switch it off!!!

  7. Wonderful children! Lovely photos!