Friday, 6 July 2012


Another quick post from me, tired again!


The modern shower, well not sure it’s modern, then it would be a wet room but it is more modern than the one we had and more to the point it (hopefully) will not leak into the kitchen.

Kitchen ceiling next.

I walked up to the Post Office from work today and on the way back I just had to snap this sign.


I want to live in Gubbins Lane. Cheered me up!


  1. We have to have a new kitchen ceiling soon aswell- only problem is that it isn't such an exciting job and we are learning to live with open air ceilings.

  2. looks a lovely new shower, good luck with the kitchen ceiling.

  3. How lovely your shower is now finished ! I must say I don't understand Gubbins Lane, may be it's a play on words. I must google that. Good night, just another day and it will be Sunday. xxx

  4. Mmm I'm like Kim, we have one old farmhouse ceiling which was going to be done 15 years ago when we came here.. that explqins the plumbing and Electrics on view .. I have given up and just addedfairy lights and hanging things from them now xx

  5. Must be great to have your new shower. I never could see the attraction of a wet room, water everywhere.

  6. Jennie your shower looks great! VBery modern to me :)

    I too don't understand Gubbins Lane either, thank you Anne!!! Please explain!!

  7. Great pictures! Lucky! Happy new shower!
    / I too don't understand Gubbins Lane - for me this is normal. But I want to know - for me it would be interesting!/