Sunday, 15 July 2012


(((hugs))) again for Anne.

Here are the current reads on my nightstand.

From the bottom;

Simon Schama’s “A History Of Britain”. I have had this on my nightstand for about 18 months, I love him and his writing and I dip into it all the time Smile I totally recommend him.

Tom Clancy’s “Against All Enemies”. I have started it and wasn’t as drawn in as I normally am to his novels.

Roald Dahl’s “George’s Marvellous Medicine”. Ali has it on loan from the Infant’s School Library, it is the only one we don’t own and haven’t read. We must finish it this week so we can return it as he leaves the school this week.

Terry Pratchett’s “Snuff”. Brilliant, just brilliant I am currently reading this consistently and it is as funny and satirical as usual, as he has gone through the Discworld series over his writing life he has got sharper and I am dreadfully sad that he has Alzheimers and his power will diminish. What a legacy to leave the world of literature.

On my iPhone I have Game Of Thrones Book 2, 50 Shades of Grey (I won’t go into that tonight Smile) and the teacher notes for Macbeth.

I also have in my ‘home to work and back again’ bag The Complete Works Of Shakespeare and when  I get a decent break at work (as you know, not often) I am reading Macbeth.


As a comprehensive girl that wishes she was smarter, I have read and read all my life, I will read anything that will help me improve my brain and understanding of the world. I genuinely feel that I am better educated for what I have read than anything I was taught at school. Kathi, as you can see my soapbox is always near to my feet.

Happy Sunday evening everyone Smile


  1. Love to see others book selections. I often get new book ideas from them! I really must try Terry Pratchett and I also want to read the George R Martin books- (My Asimov man at the bus stop is reading those now!).

    I ought to revisit Shakespeare. I loved Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice at school- but not so keen on Anthony and Cleopatra.

  2. so true, your thoughts on reading, I believe if you can read it opens up a whole new world to you. You have a good list of books, hope you manage to get through them.

  3. Thank you for your hugs. xx
    Lovely books you have. I totally agree with you, we become what we learn not what we are taught (if that makes sense). I try reading authors in their original language. I had a go at Goethe when I was in Germany and now of course Shakespeare. It is far from easy for me but I keep on going back and trying. May be one day !

  4. Jen, I am sure you are right, I was kind of the opposite, found exams easy and achieved but not an avid reader.. you sound like two of my girls, they have done the Thrones set and Hunger Games too, great to see them swapping.. my face book with Lilly even at only four is Dahl's Dirty Beasts!! Xx

  5. Sat and read my book in the sun on croyde beach yesterday :)

  6. Congratulations for a great choice!
    The picture is also excellent as a design!