Monday, 2 July 2012


I went to bed at 7:45 and went sleep at 7:50 :)
I took this rubbish shot on my way to falling in it.


  1. You must have been sooo tired, Jen ! We do that sometimes, go to bed extremely early (in France we call that go to bed with the chickens) to try and recharge batteries. I hope it worked for you!
    A shadow is a shadow. so well done !!! xxx

  2. well done for still taking a photo when you are so tired, hope you woke up nice and refreshed.

  3. I agree well done taking a photo when you are very tired and putting it our blog this am at 6.23, that is commitment! xx

  4. Well done on taking a photo when you were so tired. Hope you have a less tiring day today

  5. As often as I saw this leg - I think this is the foot of Cinderella - it waits for its shoe.
    And for her prince.