Thursday, 26 July 2012


Summer season has kicked in with a vengeance this week. We have an infinite amount of cages at any time in the warehouse and a definite amount of staff to deal with them. When I devised the summer plan for this season, I did as usual and took last years sales and increased them by the percentage we increased last year. Logical maths, yes? Well this first week we have increased by a further 10%, coupled with a few temps leaving early for one reason or another (one of the lads who is very good has had the chance to go on an archaeological dig for a month before heading back to Uni, which is a fabulous reason!) which has left us with a real headache, so I have spent 48 hours recruiting, inducting and processing onto the system another 12 staff. Phew, my only downtime was to go for a jump in the waves again before heading to the sofa to watch the olympics ceremony all over again.
Here is the corridor which is usually clear and which is continually filled with the stock needing to go out at the moment.

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  1. that looks a lot of stock and a very busy time for you and your staff!