Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Well this morning on the school run it was so wet and the pollen/leaves/stuff that some of the trees dispense at this time of year are slippery when wet. So Ali and I tentatively walked down the hill and after I had left him I tentatively walked back up. No photo though Sad smile

Dangerous was also Ali’s face when he left school today and until he had been fed. It would have been more dangerous to take a photo of the face though so no photo Sad smile

So the photo is of the very dangerous situation we are in, nay, perilous I say.

No Shower. It is half way done, so hopefully will be finished tomorrow. The whole thing has had to be ripped out and replaced. We don’t have a bath or second toilet so it has been day for making sure we popped out regularly to somewhere with a toilet! Sink wash tonight Open-mouthed smile



  1. That's called adventure , Jen, lol. Fingers crossed all is finished tomorrow! At least you take it well.
    I know how annoying it can be. We had a massive water damage here years ago and because the water had to be cut until they repair, we were in the same situation. xxx

  2. Hope the shower gets finished tomorrow, I would really miss my shower.

  3. ...If it will calm you, some people have a bathroom,
    but today they had no water ...

  4. Oh I remember when we replaced our bathroom. We only have one in the house too. We sent the kids off to stay with my mum so there were fewer of us dealing with the lack of facilities! Was worth it though and I still love my bathroom years later.

  5. I couldn't do with out my bathroom either. I bet it will look great when it is finished

  6. I feel for you Jennie! Enjoyed my shower and hairwash this morning as you will hopefully tomorrow!

  7. Mmm, I do that, thinking how the word fits into the day as itbtrundles along, then eventually a picture falls in place.. you'll have to pretend you are camping.. and if the weather is as promised just stand outside tomorrow!