Saturday, 21 July 2012

Three’s a crowd.

Thank you so much for the lovely comments I had today about my brother and my being missing in action. You all totally rock as my older kids might say Smile

I wasn’t inspired today for a good photo so i’ll pop it here and get it over with Smile If you read past it I can promise Lauren with pink and purple hair!


Three chimney’s on one of the houses across the road from our house. I would like to say that my house is similar, but sadly not Smile

Lauren could not wait to get home from school yesterday to dye her hair pale pink and pale purple for the summer holidays Smile

Lauren pink and purple phase -)

All done.

Lauren pink and purple phase #2

I actually love it, much better than the bright red she went for last year which she now classes as chav-y. She has been ‘allowed’ to do this on the understanding that by the first day of term it is dyed back to it’s natural dark chestnut brown. She is happy with that as it will be two years until Prom and wants it long and dark brown for that. It is like de ja vu as I did the same, except we didn’t have lovely colours like this, I literally just dipped my head in a basin of Sun-In. Not nice. A Phase. Smile


  1. I must say I love it too. Pity I am kind of too old to experiment with these colors, lol. xxx

  2. Beautiful photos, Jenny! Congratulations!
    I like the house with three chimneys - a very interesting design.
    I liked the pink hair!
    Bravo for the courage to experiment! Very fresh, very cheerful color!
    This color says - Hey, look at me! I'm here! I am not afraid!
    I am young! I can!
    Have a nice day!

  3. I better not let Evie see these pictures....she will want the same :) looks great though and a nice way to start the holidays. The house with the 3 chimneys looks great!

  4. Great 3 chimneys photo!

    And what a great Mum you are allowing Lauren to experiment. Hair colour looks great and how funny for her proms ahe wants dark hair!!!

  5. Amazing.. you are so cool, I have always had real paranoia about hair colour, maybe as eldest girl used a wash in / wash out red for Halowe'en one year and took three years growing it out! But Kate is all shades of blonde and has gradually worked it into her and my psyche!!

  6. I love the hair colour. If I was younger I would be doing the same. I saw a girl yesterday with a green check shirt on and her hair coloured to match and I love the turquoise colour I often see.

  7. PS I forgot to say what an unusual house with the 3 chimneys