Thursday, 12 July 2012


Oh blissful day off. How lovely when I woke up and pretty much immediately my thoughts are ‘what’s on, what time do I have to be somewhere’ and when it is ahh day off, not until the school run, I sink back into my pillows gratefully Smile Only for a bit though then I get itchy to be up and at it!
Anne texted with the prompt just as I was leaving for the school run so I thought I might have a good look for something unusual rather than just the stuff around the house that I have relied on lately.
Anyway it started tipping down again so I didn’t! So some random pics of today. Someone, Jo I think wished that my empty candle was replenished. It is tonight and now lit.
I had a busy morning shopping and then had a nap, then roasted a chicken with baked potatoes and a pea, mint and avocado salad with bacon to try and tempt mum’s appetite, it worked and she said she felt better for it. I also had to scrub my Ali, he had forest school this afternoon and was muddy, muddy, made me happy to see. I could have a bit of a rant about what I am going to call ‘welly boot gate’ in which several parents and one teacher assistant made a mountain out of a molehill about this but honestly you would just leave. Suffice to say I think Forest School is brilliant, outdoor learning at it’s best and mud is good. I hope you get me!
Here is said Ali, with mud upon his chops and with his pink feather that he found on the scavenger hunt Smile
And I must show you the dinner plate I made up for Lauren before…
And after…
Tomato Ketchup! It doesn’t matter how good the gravy/jus is they just want to add ketchup! Yuk.
Anyway, back to motorised.
My oh so loved eclips doing it’s thing.

Eclips from Jennie Hart on Vimeo.
I knowwww, so exciting huh!!!


  1. Nice pics, love the muddy face. Nice motor too.

  2. Have a look at Janice's blog.. childhooduninterupted from my blog.. she teaches her lad at home and in some ways I envy her... glad mum is on the mend.. and yes, come visit second half of august or whenever.. xx

  3. Lovely face of Ali. Love your Eclips ! xxx

  4. clever thought for the motorised. Pleased you managed to tempted your mum with food and yay to the day off!

  5. The dinner plate looks like one of mine! She takes tomato sauce with everything!

    Love the photo of Ali- looks like he had a great time!

  6. ... Exciting - YES!
    Lovely face of Ali!
    Very enjoyable reading and watching! Congratulations!
    Have a great time!

  7. love your eclipse and I'm glad your mum enjoyed her food.
    I thought children only enjoyed themselves when they got muddy - good for Ali

  8. Lucky you with your eclips!!

    Yes I know about lovely meals spoilt with ketchup, my 45yr old step daughter won't eat Christmas dinner without ketchup!!!