Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I haven’t got a stronger photo today Sad smile Just one of those days I guess. I can’t even think of what I might of taken had I been mindful of my day. It was Store Forum today which I loathe, I would have a clause in my contract if I could to excuse me from the process. It has a really good place in the culture of the store and I can definitely see the benefits, but I just find it hard to deal with issues on a formal basis taking 2 hours rather than sorting things out informally. Fortunately we have fostered a culture that we deal with things informally so not much ever comes up that we don’t know about or aren’t already dealing with, but I guess I feel apprehensive about what might come up. So I guess I feel stronger for it being over!

Borqna asked for photos of the minibook that caused my desk to look a dive yesterday, and I couldn’t say no to that could I?

Ali and I took a trip to our park in June, we needed some fresh air and as the sun came out in a rare June appearance we popped out. It is called Bicclescombe Park and is about a ten minute walk from us. I used to play tennis here all summer when I was 14 and 15, and I might have fallen in love with a boy that second summer whilst we played Smile

We played Pooh Sticks, we had an explore through the trees and wilder areas and Ali tried to climb a tree. Lovely. There is a lovely play park in there as well, but he forgot about it and after 20 rounds of Pooh Sticks, I was pretty glad about not having a lengthy session on the swings as well!

My favourite photo of him, yes I did share it on that day as well Smile;

Ali bicclescombe #2

The front cover.

Simple Pleasures Minibook #1

Simple Pleasures Minibook #2Simple Pleasures Minibook #3Simple Pleasures Minibook #4

Simple Pleasures Minibook #5Simple Pleasures Minibook #6Simple Pleasures Minibook #7

Simple Pleasures Minibook #9Simple Pleasures Minibook #10Simple Pleasures Minibook #11

Apologies for not having a new photo, rubbish. I am quite disgruntled Smile


  1. What a eat little book and well done for getting your photos scrapped so quickly.

  2. No, I think you did a great entry and even if the pictures weren't specific you did find a link to the word for today. Love the mini album, like how it is left quite natural but with some lovely thoughts and memories..it's those kinds of days which are not huge events but would pass by if we did not scrap them.. x

  3. i love the mini book!....not long now until part time work :)

  4. I love your mini book, a lovely memory of a lovely day.

  5. What a great mini book, Jen. Strength can be measured in many different ways . xxx

  6. Thank you, Jennie! I was very glad - really cool mini album.
    I looked at it very carefully. Very nice pictures and excellent design.

  7. Lovely mini book, I too have a simple pleasures book from a previous year :)
    what a good looking boy Ali is xxx
    Love your honesty not havina photo today, does it matter NO xxxx