Saturday, 7 July 2012

Past it’s prime.

Oh Suzie you are opening a can of worms now Smile
I am so past my prime this evening Smile I had such an inspiration from Anne this morning that I might find some produce at work past it’s prime, but it was a mad day at work, the duty manager wasn’t coping very well and took it our on everyone, some of it well deserved, but not the way she was doing it! We have a mantra at Tesco, “Ask More Than Tell”, and she did the old “Shout More Than Even Consider” Rolling on the floor laughing So as well as trying to run the whole shebang I was smoothing ruffled feathers, mediating and trying to keep us on course Smile I cannot believe I am using even more smilies than usual, I must be trying to convince myself!
This is the screenshot of my phone showing the time I left to put my bags in the car….I still had to go back in and get some essentials (white wine as cold as ice for me and some peanut m&m’s for Ali as a sop for abandoning him for 12 hours). I wish i had taken one of the fact that I arrived at 7:30am Smile You’ll just have to believe me. Yes I know I could have taken that one anywhere, again you will just have to trust me. 4 weeks until my holiday and 6 weeks until part-time. Hmmmm Hhhhmmmm Hhhhmmmm, I’m channelling here……..
I really must organise those apps into folders…..I digress, the first glass of wine has kicked in!
So past it’s prime…
It’s Race For Life here tomorrow, well in Barnstaple, our local ‘big’  town. We all wore a spot of pink to support those of us ladies that are taking part.
I wore my race tee shirt (that I shall wear tomorrow) with my suit, in case I had to deal with any customer complaints or store visits, it never does well to turn up to those in a tutu Smile I also painted a pink heart on my face with copics and stickles. Crafting supplies are essential everyday items aren’t they?
It was much brighter at 7:30am, again you’ll just have to trust me Winking smile

Oh I nearly forgot, Gubbins as in Gubbins Lane from yesterday, a few of you mentioned it. I thought it was a universal saying but it must just be me, or local. Gubbins, well it means errmm gubbins you know thingy, thingymajiggy, a few things that don't have names for a collective. You know the gubbins! Well I don't know how to describe it clearly.

Ali, go clear up your gubbins.

Oh I have stuff to do, gubbins

It's gubbins, it doesn't matter.

Any clearer? Perhaps not :)


  1. Had to read you first with the thumbnail of your face painted! Busy day here and my post is between tablet and PC where I have to tweak it before posting.. sounds like your day was busy too in a different way, though we were both fire fighting and placating, just I did it with a toddler and very articulate 4 yr old xxx

    1. They are the most interesting kind of days though I guess :)

  2. OK OK now I understand gubbins. In this house they are called thingies by Sophie and tchouk tchouk stuff by me (I know ...).
    It looks like you had a hell of a day. You work so long hours, I hope they make it up to you one way or another. 4 weeks until holidays? YEAH !!! xxx

  3. Its maybe a north south thing as I know of gubbins. That was a long day at work, not long now until part time. Love the heart as well.

  4. The weather had better improve as we head down to your neck of the woods on Saturday - should I pack my wellies?? Up here we have a phrase "to be gubbed" which means to be drunk/very tired. Good luck with the part time hours - I have just done the opposite and started back full time - the pay packet had better be worth it!

  5. Jennie (((hugs))) for that long stressful day xx

    Thank you for explaining gubbins to us, an interesting wors!

    Love the past prime photo!

    Good luck with your race for is 3.20 so wonder if you have finished yet?

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    1. I like your picture. Very sweet heart! Great mood has!

  7. Love your photos- can just imagine trying to deal with an irate customer dressed in a tutu!!

    Hope you enjoy your well earned holiday.